Is Cordel Faulk REALLY going to run for Congress?

Earlier today my younger brother, Cordel, shot me an instant message that included a web link.  After following and reading the link I immediately messaged him back and told him I didn't open my mouth.  We'd had a conversation about the content of the article and I let him know that even though politically we are on total opposite ends of the spectrum I'm behind him 100% (hell if Maria and Arnold can maintain their marriage I think my brother and I will be fine). If he runs, and I hope he does,  any negative feedback or characterization will be extremely hard to deal with, but, I know he can handle it.  Now our Mom, thats a different story.

I have pasted the contents of the link Cordel sent me below.  The actual article can be found the Roanoke Valley Republicans blog at:

**It is pretty well accepted by both Republicans and Democrats that Tom Perriello will be at the top of the Republican "hit list" and has very little chance of keeping his seat in 2010. Without Barack Obama's and Mark Warner's coattails to ride, he should be pretty easy pickings for the Rs. Remember, he won the seat by only 727 votes at the same time Obama carried the 5th and Warner won it in a landslide.

The conventional wisdom has been that Virgil Goode will run again and take back his seat. While that may be the case, I'm hearing some very interesting rumors about another potential candidate.

His name is Cordel Faulk. He's a lawyer, Virginia political commentator and Richmond Times Dispatch columnist. He's a 33-year old, conservative African American with degrees from Virginia Tech and UVA Law. If elected, Faulk would be the first black Republican to represent Virginia in Congress since Reconstruction (how embarrassing is that fact?).

Here's my take on Faulk's candidacy. First, the 5th is shifting away from Franklin County towards Charlottesville and this is Faulk's "neck of the woods." Second, Faulk is very accomplished and, at only 33, brings an energy that would be exciting. Third, let's face it, the African American turnout, especially in Southside, was a HUGE factor in 2008. I hate identity politics but it's just a fact that an African American R would, at the very least, add a new element to the equation.

My understanding is that Faulk is still in the exploratory stage but I expect we'll be hearing some interesting tidbits as we head towards 2010.**


What did you think of this article?

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  • 7/27/2009 4:53 PM Stan Getz wrote:
    Cordel Faulk? I've been involved with Republican politics for decades and never heard of him. Why should his color matter, tell me what he stands for and what he has done- that is what matters to me. I also want someone who can win an election and has had some experience.
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    1. 8/1/2009 9:49 AM coleycole wrote:
      Color shouldn't matter and presently it is starting to matter less, the new President and First Family have proved that, but to some it will matter.  That being said, when and if Cordel makes a decision he will have NO PROBLEM letting the public know what he stands for.  When President Obama announced he was running my immediate thought was "who the hell does he think he is, what has he done and why does he think he can win" well 2 years later we see it's not always what you have done, it's what you CAN do. 

      Nothing I've said is because he's my brother, Cordel is a force not to be underestimated. I am pretty aggressive and confident but there have been more than a couple of occasions where my younger brother has either by example or advice helped his big brother navigate through choppy waters.  Keep your eyes and ears open, if he begins moving hes an unstoppable Juggernaut.
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  • 7/31/2009 10:45 PM JMS wrote:
    Unless late returns and absentees changed the numbers after I last saw them, Obama did not quite carry the 5th.
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